Nature's grove


Nature’s grove


Pendant inspired by nature


If you are looking for something totally original, look no further!

** Introduction **
One and only Unique Wooden pendant “Nature’s grove” created with love from oak wood and Blue resin.
All of the jewelry pieces are originally designed by “Forest Art” team in Northern Europe Lithuania. Every piece is Handmade, unique and only one of a kind – we can’t make the next ring, pendant or a pair of earrings exactly the same as the previous one, so that’s why we make only one jewelry specimen. It is made for YOU.

** About the jewelry piece**
Everything is made naturally, using rare types of wood and special local oils.
The oak tree is combined with a shiny blue resin.
The cord is made from black suede leather.

** How to take care of the jewelry piece**
If needed, you may clean this piece with a dry soft cotton cloth.
The pendant is very sturdy and durable, it won’t break even if dropped.

This pendant is filled with flowers straight from my garden, so they are absolutely 100% natural 🙂
I have dried them up on my porch during the summer. So even at deep winter times, they will still be blooming on your neck.
The necklace is made of resin material and brass metal chain. The combo is very beautiful and bright.

Please note that the pendant was photographed in a studio lighting and can look different in other types of lighting.
If you have any questions, always ask 🙂


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